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Drainage systems help ensure proper flow of sewage and rainfall, leading to safety and health for those around them.  Call us for all your

drainage needs.

Maintenance Drainage

  • Drain Clearing and unblocking

  • Crushed and dislodged pipes

  • Sewage/ Wastewater - Clear blocked gully traps

  • CCTV Camera - If you require CCTV for Council requirements, locate a fault or connection, CCTV new lines or just a condition check Catapult Plumbing are right for the job. We also offer a full report and recording if required.

Expert Drainage Upgrades

Add drainage systems into an existing home in residential, commercial and rural areas.

Drainage For New Builds


We offer drainage systems for large buildings of any sort, whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or home. Give us a call to find out about the options we have for a drainage system that works for you.. .

Commercial & Civils Drainage

  • Installing manholes 

  • Subdivisions

  • Public Works

  • Large commercial buildings

Stormwater Retention & Recycling Solutions

Water is the heart of our environment, & recycling of storm water has become standard practise. Our solutions will be cost effective & help protect the environment.

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